Exception in MergeAspSiteMapFiles for „SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard“ (PSConfig)

That made my day!

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Recently, I’ve found that a SharePoint farm failed to update when running the „SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard“ or when running PSConfig directly. The PSConfig log file in the 14 hive contained the following exception information:

I suspected that this was caused by a application I had deployed to the SharePoint farm. However, it was not obvious what in the application was causing the problem.

The key to finding the problem was the call to ApplyApplicationContentToLocalServer in the stack trace. Reading up on the documentation for this method indicated that this is responsible for merging all the site map in the 14 hive and placing them in the _app_bin folder for each web application in the appropriate inetpub folders. These sitemap files are XML documents with „.sitemap.“ somewhere in the name.

This post is useful in understanding this process: http://sharepointinterface.com/tag/features/

Using this information I managed to find the sitemap file…

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